A little about us

Military Gifts - Exclusive Army & Airforce Service since 1982

Military Gifts was founded in 1982 with the main office in Ludwigsburg and a gift shop at Robinson Barracks in Stuttgart. Presently Military Gifts is located in Mannheim - BFV Exchange where we personalize in Army & Air Force gift ware. We offer a 3 days turn around service on our Porcelain article. We offer over 5000 emblems or logo's in stock, and can create anything of new interest. We do our own manufacturing which is located at our main office. We can supply any of these article not only to our European customer's but USA as well. We are capable to engrave any material by using our Hi-Tech computerized equipment while you wait. Also check out our customize coins, rubber stamps, name tags, etc., etc.,.......

Please don't forget we repair watch's & jewelery. Need a key made ? We do it while you wait.

Need a mobile telephone? Activation within an hour on your telephone service and we can provide installation of satellite systems.

Questions, give us a call, we be more than happy to help you.