New and Economical: PC  Emergency Service   



Text Box: You have problems with your computer???
·	We offer fast, proficient, reliable and cheap service. 
·	On the spot, round the clock service.
Ph: 0621-736770     Handy :0172-4990699



We provide services like: ISDN & DSL

 And we sell mobile phones T-D1, Vodafone D2; we have cheap telephone cards to call to the United states (500 minutes for 10€)

Updation, Repairs

Always up to date? We make sure that your computer is always up to date with the latest state of the art. Eg. Latest drivers. Problems? We reliably bring back the systems to normal working conditions.




Maintenance, Computerised Support – System Guidance (HelpDesk)

More security? No problem! We provide for you device cleaning, conflict diagnosis and Virus check. We provide help with the selection of computer systems and other system components


Installation,Assembling and Connecting

More software? We gladly provide help with installing operating system and other application software’s. More within? We assemble hardware for your computer. (Home Service provided if you wish!)

Web Design

We design attractive homepages for private or business promotional purposes.( Fix an appointment to order)




Internet and Telephone

We set up Telephone and Internet access for you Arcor DSL or the Deutsche Telecom T-com without the German tax in your bills with a VAT form

Visit us at :

Military Gifts,

Waldeck weg  6,

68309 Mannheim,

ph : 0621-736770  handy : 0172-4990699